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Makino MC1513 MULTIPALLET CNC Horizontal Machining Center

Serial No. A91-228 Year 1991; Fanuc 15MA-CNC Control; max workpiece L x W x H = 1500 x 800 x 1000 mm x 3,000 kg; pallet 1,000 x 1,000 mm; 8 pallets; t ... I alt 75.000 EUR ekskl. moms

Kawasaki BP2-1350 Hydraulic Press

This Press was used in an Aluminum Blow Molding Line for: Automotive Parts, Fender (L / R); Trunk Skin and Trunk Frame Output: 560 Pieces / day (140x ... I alt 185.000 USD ekskl. moms

Skoda SUT 200 CNC Lathe (Drejebænk)

Year: 1980; Year Refit: 2001Controls: Siemens 840DSwing Over Bed: 2020Swing over Saddle: 1600Distance between Centers: 7000Max workpiece weight: 63Spi ... I alt 199.000 EUR ekskl. moms

Skoda SIU 400 CNC Lathe (Drejebænk)

Year: 1962Year Refit: 2011Controls: Siemens 840DSwing Over Bed: 4000Swing over Saddle: 3300Distance between Centers: 15000Max workpiece weight: 110Acc ... I alt 325.000 EUR ekskl. moms

Kitamura Mycenter 5

Serial No. 65100; Year 1996; FANUC OMC-CNC Control; Twin Pallet; Pallet dimensions 1,200 x 500 mm; travels: X = 1,125, Y = 565, Z = 571 mm; distance f ... I alt 19.750 EUR ekskl. moms

DÖRRIES VCE2400 Twin Pallet CNC-fræsere

Serial No. 513098/SAP Nr. 85009; Year 1999; Siemens 840C-CNC Control; Twin Pallets, diam. 2.000 mm; max swing 2.520 mm; travels X= 2.520, Y=1.990, Z= ... I alt 325.000 EUR ekskl. moms

Fastems Automation System Pallet

Serial No. FM25083: Year 2006; Capacity 24 Pallets, square dimension 1,350 x 1,350, max load 2,200 x 1,500 mm, 16 places and round pallets, diam. 1,35 ...

Hot Rolling Mill Line

HOT ROLLING MILL LINE (2009) from SPHC to AHSS 80, API, SPFH 590 and High Carbon Steel Only 5 years use from 2009 to 2014 Capacity 3 Million TPY Width ...

Karats CG CNC krumtapakslibemaskine

Max grinding length 6,300 mm; max swing 800 mm; with many crankshaft steadies. Location: South Korea

Homma HTM 7 0/9 0 Vertikal CNC Drejning & Fræsning Center

Table 7,000 mm; swing 9,000 mm; workpiece height 4,350 mm; weight of workpiece 250 Ton; Ram stroke 3,000 mm; Engine 150 kW; Milling Spindle motor 37/45 kW; Fanuc 15 M Location: South Korea

Karats L-32N CNC Drejebænk

Swing over bed 3,200 / 2,800 mm x 15 M between centers; max weight 200 Ton; motor 330 kW; weight 270 tons; Fanuc 18i-TB * Primary picture is SAME MODEL DIFFERENT MACHINE Location: South Korea

Karats D1750-20 CNC Drejebænk

Swing over bed / carriage 3,560 / 3,060 mm x 20 M between centers; max weight 150 Ton; motor 330 kW; Fanuc 21i-TB Location: South Korea

Karats L-58BN CNC Deep Hole Boring Drejebænk

BTA System; swing 5.800 mm; max boring diameter 650 mm x 24 Meter, max weight 380 Ton, motor 500kW, weight 350T; FANUC 31i-B Location: South Korea

ZSAS QKK 35 Rail-Bound Forging Manipulator

Capacity: 40 TonToggle Torque: 80kNmmin./max. Gripping diam .: 310 / 1,600 mmmin./max. Axis height of the Tongs: 950 / 2,350 mmTilting upward: 8 Degr. ...

Skoda CKVJ 2650 AG 3.000 Ton Open Die Forging Press (Smedning Press)

Year: 1987; Rear Refit: 2006; Hydraulics: Oil HydraulicsMax. Power 33 MnNominal Power: 11/22/33 MnMin./Max. Ingot Weight: 3/40 TonMax. Forging Dimensi ...

TS-PLZEN CKV 84/105 Mn 12.000 Ton Open Die Forging Press (Smedning Press)

Type: Forge; Rear Refit: 2010; Hydraulics: Water EmulsionMax. Power: 120 MnNominal Power: 30/60 / 90MnMin./Max. Ingot Weight 25/200 TonMax. Forging Di ...

Krömschröde BIC 140HB Annealing Furnace (Ovn)

Type: Forge; Type of machine: Annealing Furnace, Car BottomRear Refit: 2009Inside dimensions L x W x H 22 x 4 x 4 MeterMax. temperature. 1,250 Degr .: ...

Woehr Umbau Mischer FAT Sand Mixer (Sandblander)

Machine no. according to AAGM records: 371 700Year: 03-2010Single-arm incl. 3 binder pumps (1x resin + 2x activator) Above the mixer, a two-chamber cy ...

FAT Combimix 2000 Sand Mixer (Sandblander)

Type: 2040DS / 3500/2250 Year: 1997 Factory No: 181 Controls: True Lot 1632 Pilsen 2 Location: Pilsen, Czechia

Woehr DWM 8 / 25to Sand Mixer (Sandblander)

Year: 07/2008; Controls: Accessoriesmachine no. according to AAGM records 371 545Two-arm incl. 2 binder pumps (1x resin + 1x activator) Above the mixe ...

Prvni Zelezarska Spolecnost 70 Ton Liquid Steel Hot Melt System (Smelteværk)

Type: Melth shopShell diameter: 4,450 mm (5,3000 mm without Refractory) Electrode diameter: 500 mmTapping Round Bottom Tapping (RBT) Slide Gates Mfg. ...

Cetos BK 140NC CNC Crankshaft Grinder (Kværn)

Control: Siemens 840CMax Grinding diameter: 500Max workpiece length: 1000-12500Max workpiece weight in Tons: 3-25Min pin width: 150Production possibil ...

Skoda PC 5 CNC Crankshaft Horizontal Boring Machine (Vandret kedelig maskine)

Control: Siemens 840DØ or spindle: 200X Travel: Y Travel: RAM "" W "": Spindle "" Z "": Max diameter of workpiece: 1600Max workpiece length: 14 000Max ...

Skoda W180NC CNC Horizontal Boring Machine (Vandret kedelig maskine)

Controls: SIEMENS 840C Ø of spindle: 180 X travel: 6000 Y Travel: 2900 W Travel: 1 000 Z Travel : 1250 Taper in Spindle: ISO60 Max diameter of workpie ...

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Hilco Industrial Acquisitions BV
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Nidhi Agarwal
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