Organising for innovation and performance

24. november 2020

24. november 2020

To prevail in today’s competitive environments, companies need to have a clear focus on performance and effectiveness. At the same time, companies also need to prepare for tomorrow's environments, adapting rapidly to changes and driving innovation themselves. In the intensive four-day programme Organising for Innovation and Performance participants will learn how to organise successfully to reconcile both objectives. 


Why consider this programme?

This programme will be useful for you if you recently made these observations in your organisation:

Decisions are often slow, outcomes are unsatisfying, and people are poorly aligned
  • This programme offers you the frameworks to identify and address the organisational roots of these problems, in order to raise organisational performance.
People don’t want to think outside the box or change their usual routines
  • This programme introduces you to choices that can help foster innovation and creativity in your organisation, and balance it with stability and performance.
  Programme structure

We have designed the programme to enhance your decision-making capabilities and provide you with a strategic approach to organisation design. We offer you the intellectual space to ensure that tools, frameworks and theoretical insights can be applied to your own management. Particular emphasis is put on involving and discussing the participants’ own cases and examples from professional life.  

This programme is about the power of organisation design in achieving innovation and performance. Major topics covered include:

  • Dealing with complexity and aligning decisions
  • Motivating and rewarding employees
  • Derive an organisation design that fits your company's strategy
  • Balancing execution and strategic agility 

Participants will be introduced to highly practical management tools from a variety of theoretical and practical perspectives. This programme will challenge you to think about how you are leading change and implementing new organisational designs in your business.

You will learn how to develop the structures, systems, and processes of your organisation to achieve strategic goals such as performance and innovation.

 You will also get access to a unique and valuable network of professional managers that you can relate to and share your challenges with.



Participant Profile

Organising for Innovation and Performance has been developed for mid- to upper-level executives who are interested in improving their organisation’s strategic capabilities, including:

  • General and senior functional managers and leaders in the private and public sector
  • Business owners
  • Members of executive teams and business development teams
  • Senior civil servants and leaders of not-for-profit organisations.

This programme complies with the University's master degree standards. We encourage both Danish citizens as well as expatriates in Denmark to participate.

To leverage networking and discussions, candidates should have a minimum of two years' managerial experience. 

The programme is taught in English. Questions from participants and group work can take place in Danish.  

Testimonials   Instructors

This programme is taught by members of  "the Strategic Organization Design unit" (SOD unit) at the University of Southern Denmark. The SOD unit is a leading international research group in strategy and organisation science. 


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