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Revolutionerende eftermarkedsservice: RentLog og Tjekvik Forener Kræfter

Takket være et samarbejde mellem de to innovative teknologivirksomheder - RentLog og Tjekvik, har en ny digital service til eftermarkedet set dagens lys. Samarbejdet sigter mod at omdefinere processerne på eftermarkedet med en selvbetjent løsning for værkstedskunder, herunder en bekvem afhentning og aflevering af erstatningsbiler.

A shared vision

The primary motivation behind this integration is to provide customers with a user-friendly and efficient solution in connection with a repair or service inspection, while offering convenient access to the replacement car. So where did this remarkable idea come from?

Anders Kragelund, representing Tjekvik, explains: "We have always known that our customers have a desire for self-service technology for check-in and check-out, which also includes handling rental cars during the service process. We had some basic functions to support this, but the existing process left room for improvement." It was clear that there was a gap in the process that caused disruption for the 30-40% of vehicle owners who needed a rental car. Handling rental cars within the dealership's service departments is a complex task.

Tjekvik recognized that RentLog had mastered the handling of lettings and quickly gained a large market share as well as the trust of dealers in the Nordic markets. RentLog's success made it clear that they understood the complexities of rental management. Troels from RentLog highlights: "We see the integration as a way to streamline and optimize the entire service process from check-in to car collection. It's about creating a solution that simplifies the practical elements surrounding a service inspection."

The success of the pilot program

Early in the phase, both companies recognized the need for live testing with a number of service workshops. They launched a pilot program involving six dealers over a period of five months. This phase played a crucial role and ensured that the integration between the two solutions met the needs of car dealers and their customers when checking in and out at the service workshop.

A prototype was developed based on interviews with service advisors and after-sales management. Real customers and demo users were involved in the process, enabling relevant testing and decisive feedback. The invaluable input from the service staff and customers shaped the final product.

"Collaboration was at the heart of our journey to develop this integration," emphasizes Anders Kragelund. "From the start, we understood that intertwining such advanced processes would not be easy, and it required close cooperation between Tjekvik and RentLog. We worked closely with software developers from both sides to achieve optimal integration. Over six months, we tested and optimized us while developing the integration. The goal was clear: the integration should not only be functional, but also user-friendly and set new industry standards. We like to call it the 'Golden Triangle', where collaboration with customers, fellow suppliers such as RentLog and our own efforts merge."

How the integration works

The integrated system developed by RentLog and Tjekvik offers a wide range of functions:

  • Customer-friendly check-in: Customers can easily manage their workshop agreement and prepare all necessary documentation - including scanning the driver's license for a replacement car - from home using their mobile phone.
  • Fast car delivery: After arriving at the dealer, the car owner can hand over the car key using the Tjekvik self-service kiosk.
  • Delivery of a replacement car: If the customer has ordered a replacement car, the key will be waiting for the customer in the Tjekvik kiosk.
  • Convenient check-out: After completing the service, customers can pay online and check out using their mobile device.
  • Returning a replacement car: The key to the replacement car is returned via the kiosk.
  • Collection of serviced vehicle: The owner's car key is released from the kiosk when the replacement car is returned.

Preliminary results

The initial results from the pilot dealers have been very positive with over 2000 interactions over 5 months. Mads Nielsen from Kjærsgaard Auto A/S in Aalborg shared his experience as part of the pilot program:

"For several years, we have used RentLog and Tjekvik in our garage, and have been an integration pilot. It has changed our everyday life! We can now offer a coherent digital journey to all our customers, including those who need a replacement car, which constitutes 50-60% of our customer base. Our customers have the advantage of being able to confirm their rental car and workshop visit from home. In addition, they can quickly drop off their car and pick up the rental car, minimizing the time they spend at the workshop. Our end-to- than self-service process reduces staff workload, simplifies administrative tasks and reduces pressure on the aftermarket. In addition, it allows our customer team to plan in advance, which makes the rental process more efficient and eliminates morning stress. I highly recommend this innovative solution from Tjekvik and RentLog!"

What does the future say?

By combining expertise and resources, RentLog and Tjekvik pave the way for a digital solution with the customer in focus. The effect of this collaboration is expected to extend far beyond the present and leave a lasting mark in further digitization in the aftermarket.

The journey has only just begun and there is plenty of potential for further development. As the integration is rolled out across European markets, both companies are committed to refining and enhancing the customer experience so that digitization of the automotive aftermarket reaches new heights of convenience and efficiency."

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